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Cube Crushing The Rubbish

2008-04-08 11:59:00 by JusticeTeam

Well for a start some of you may know I have alot and I mean ALOT of unfinished animations, far better than most of my earlier submissions, so I decided to put it all into one big turd mound and spruce it up!

So be prepare for Viva Las Tripe, it's coming.

Oh yeah and first person to post where the guy in the picture below is saw in my cartoon when I release this flash wins... well nothing but he/she tells me what my next flash HAS to be.



Cube Crushing The Rubbish

The Series Moves on...

2008-04-07 15:25:27 by JusticeTeam

As the series moves onto it's Third installment coming soon... should already if you haven't watch Rogue Hen One and Rogue Hen Two. This first one isn't exactly impressive but after number Two you'll WANT to see Three, either coming April 7th or 8th

So, yeah...

justiceteem woz ere

The Series Moves on...

The Series Kicks In..

2008-03-12 13:14:16 by JusticeTeam

Introducing Rogue Hen!
As you may have noticed Rogue Hen is a new series about a hen fighting zombie hens, as far as you know, but it's also about how he and six others are the last hens unaffected. It's not al action and lardy dar But there's alot of shoot-outs as you may have sene already. There's going to be about 10 episodes then I'm moving back onto solo cartoons, that are unfinished.

Thanks for wasting a few moments of your day to read this, ya!


P.S Here's a hint on something in the far future.

The Series Kicks In..


2008-02-28 12:27:12 by JusticeTeam

Hello Fans!
Well I'm what now? Six cartoons? Five? Anywho, I'm here to say Thanks for watching and voting on my cartoons, and yeah my quality of animation IS improving slightly, just compare In The Back Of Your Head, with We Can Dance (and vote ;p). So uh yeah that's it for now, I'll usually post a comment every three months at the least, so expect more random Shi...

...iiiny cartoons.

Yours mindlessly, JusticeTeam!


So I put my first flash up today, I hope you all like it, and if you don't well I don't know what you can do.
By the was, the Little 46x46 Gif for Justice Tips, he's called Shane, I don't know why I made him, but he's a main character in a flash I've made, it is not good enough to be submitted onto NG yet, I still need to find suitbale music. Yes you guessed, I Like silent movies with music, that sounds kina wierd, SILENT movies with MUSIC. But you know what I mean, and if you dont', um oh well.
So yeah, here's Shane one more time.

Hey all you people, hey all you people, hey all you people won't you listen to meee?